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Copmuter Science Batch 04 Road Map

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
CS-100Introduction to computing (Th)1
CS-100Introduction to computing (Pr)1
PHY-101Mechanics & Wave Motion (Th)3
PHY-101Mechanics & Wave Motion (pr)1
CS-140Programming Fundamentals-I (Th)2
CS-140Programming Fundamentals-I (Pr)2
IS-105islamiyat/Ethics and Pak Studies3
CS-142Programming fundamentals-II (Th)2
CS-142Programming fundamentals-II (Pr)1
PHY-103Electricity and Magnetism (Th)3
PHY-103Electricity and Magnetism (Pr)1
MA-103Multivariate calculus3
EE-121Circuits analysis I (Th)3
EE-121Circuits analysis I (Pr)1
HU-202Communication Skills2
Cs-241Object Oriented Programming (Th)2
Cs-241Object Oriented Programming (Pr)1
MA-202Differential equation & Transforms4
CS-200Discrete Mathematics3
HU-202Technical Writing3
CSE-120Digital Logic Design (Th)3
CSE-120Digital Logic Design (Pr)1
Cs-210Data Structure & Algorithms (Th)3
Cs-210Data Structure & Algorithms (Pr)1
CSE-225Computer Organization and Assembly Language (Th)3
CSE-225Computer Organization and Assembly Language (Pr)1
CS-202Theory Of automata and Formal Language3
MA-250Probability and statistics3
MA-210Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis4
IS-304Islamiyat/Ethics and Pak studies3
CS-326Operating Systems (Th)2
CS-326Operating Systems (Pr)1
CS-390Software Engineering (Th)3
CS-390Software Engineering (pr)1
CS-370Database Sysytems (Th)3
CS-370Database Sysytems (Pr)1
CSE-310Analysis of Algorithms3
CSE-311Numerical Analysis and Computing3
HU-312Project Management3
CS--391Object oriented analysis and design (Th)3
CS--391Object oriented analysis and design (Pr)1
CS--360Artificial Intelligence (Th)3
CS--360Artificial Intelligence (pr)1
CSE-330Computer Networks (Th)3
CSE-330Computer Networks (Pr)1
CS-491Final project I3
CSE-445Programming languages3
CSE-451Computer Graphics and Image Processing (Th)3
CSE-451Computer Graphics and Image Processing (Pr)1
HU-401Entrepreneurship and leadership3
CS-492Final Project II3
CS-402Compiler Construction3
Cs-422Computer Architecture (Th)2
Cs-422Computer Architecture (Pr)1
Total Credit Hours 140

SCET Notifications

Batch 8 Classes will start from 13th November, 2017. 

Faculty break will be from 2nd June to 2nd July, 2017. 

Time Table Fall 2016 has been updated. Click here to download. 

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