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Chemical Engineering Road Map

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
ChE-101Industrial Stoichiometry - 1 3
CS-101Computing Fundamentals2+1
CY-142Physical & Analytical Chemistry2+1
HU-111Communication Skills1
MA-113Calculus & Analytical Geometry3
ME-122LEngineering Drawings0+2
ChE-102Fluid Mechanics 3
Ch.E-103Chemical Process Industries3+1

Islamic & Pakistan Studies - 1 (Muslim Students)

Ethics & Pakistan Studies - 1 (Non-Muslim Students)

MA-118Applied Mathematics & Statistics3
ME-105Mechanical Technology1
ME-100LWorkshop Practice0+1
PHY-113Applied Physics 2+1
ChE-201Industrial Stoichiometry - 23
ChE-202Particle Technology 3+1
Ch.E-204Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-I3
CY-221Inorganic & Organic Chemistry 2+1
HU-221Technical Writing & Presentation Skills3
MA-233Applied Mechanics0+1
Ch.E-202Fluid Dynamics3+1
Ch.E-205Heat Transfer Fundamentals3
Ch.E-206Mass Transfer Fundamentals3
Ch.E-207Engineering Materials2
EE-140Electrical Technology2+1

Islamic & Pakistan Studies - 2 (Muslim Students)

Ethics & Pakistan Studies - 2 (Non-Muslim Students)

Ch.E-301Chemical Reaction Engineering3+1
Ch.E-302Chemical Engineering Mathematics3
Ch.E-303Unit Processes3+1
Ch.E-304Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics - 23+1
MA-240Numerical Analysis 2+1
Ch.E-305Process Heat Transfer3+1
Ch.E-306Separation Processes3+1
Ch.E-307Transport Phenomena 3
Ch.E-308Energy Engineering 3+1
Ch.E-309Chemical Engineering Economics 3
Ch.E-401Chemical Reactor Design 2
Ch.E-402Simultaneous Heat and Mass transfer3
Ch.E-403Chemical Engineering Plant Design3
Ch.E-404Instrumentation & Control 3+1
Ch.E-408Engineering management3
Ch.E-411Plant Design Project-I0+3
Ch.E-405Maintenance Engineering 3
Ch.E-406Environmental Engineering 3+1
Ch.E-407Process Modeling And Simulation 1+1
Ch.E-412Plant Design Project - 2 0+3
Ch.E-421Gas Engineering3
Total Credit 136

SCET Notifications

Faculty break will be from 2nd June to 2nd July, 2017. 

Final Exams of batch 4,5,6 will start from 22nd May, 2017.

It is notified for all students of Batch - 7 that classes of 2nd Semester will be started from 13th March, 2017. 

Final Exams of Batch 7 will start from 6th March, 2017. 

Time Table Fall 2016 has been updated. Click here to download. 

Alhamdullilah, Congratulation!! PEC has accredited BSc Electrical Engineering & BSc Chemical Engineering of Sharif College of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. [ View ]

All Faculty Members requested to send their updated profiles to asadhamid@sharif.edu.pk 

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